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Terms of use

By accessing the GeoHrvatska web-site and the data published on https://www.geohrvatska.hr, the user accepts the Terms of use specified below.

Content and purpose

GeoHrvatska data are the official data of the Republic of Croatia and are under the jurisdiction of the subjects of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. All published data are for information purposes only and intended for personal use, and may not be used for commercial purposes or distributed to a third party. Content that can be printed using the GeoHrvatska web-site is for information purposes and may not be used as a public document, but for personal use only.

Terms and conditions

State Geodetic Administration shall not be held accountable for any direct or indirect, accidental, material or non-material damages, losses or costs incurred as a result of using or the inability to use data published on the GeoHrvatska web-site. Data that can be searched or viewed using the GeoHrvatska web-site may be updated or modified at any time, and State Geodetic Administration shall accept no responsibility for any possible consequences resulting from such changes. By using data published on the GeoHrvatska web-site the user accepts all risks arising from their use and agrees to use data at his own responsibility.

The user consents to State Geodetic Administration reserving the right, at any moment and without prior notice, to limit or rescind access to data published on the GeoHrvatska if the user uses any of the published data in an illegal or inappropriate manner. State Geodetic Administration shall not be liable for any damages that may result from such termination of using the GeoHrvatska web-site. State Geodetic Administration does not guarantee that the GeoHrvatska internet location shall always be available and accessible.

Data contained in the GeoHrvatska system may not be exchanged, reproduced, collected or distributed in electronic or other form.

The screenshot of the GeoHrvatska viewer is allowed to be used in public presentations, professional and scientific research meetings, whereby the user is obliged to highlight the data source as follows »GeoHrvatska.hr spatial data of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure.«.

The user may not download the design, images, background or any other program and designer solutions of the GeoHrvatska.hr web-site. State Geodetic Administration reserves the right to change the Terms of use for using the GeoHrvatska web-site and shall not be responsible for any consequences that may result from such changes.